The NFL is finally going to do something about its garbage field conditions

The league and the union are getting tough on field conditions, and it’s about damn time. Tucked away in the league’s announcement about tougher concussion rules was another piece of news aimed at player safety. The NFL and the NFLPA are creating a joint committee to monitor field conditions. The committee will inspect fields and take steps to make them safer, be it the turf itself or the apparatus surrounding the field. FINALLY.

While the Indianapolis Colts mostly maintained Authentic Jermaine Kearse Jersey the roster during the offseason, they are the division favorite with the return of Andrew Luck. But the Texans invested heavily on offense by signing Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller in free agency, and adding Will Fuller in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans also made big changes. The Jags added Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack in the draft, while the Titans revamped Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey the backfield with Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray.

On the other side of the ball, you have J.J. Watt looking to potentially secure his fourth Defensive Player of the Year honor. Watt is, however, recovering from back surgery, and his timetable for return is uncertain. Still, Houston’s defense was good enough to help the Texans win the division and get to the postseason last year with essentially a revolving door at quarterback. This season, they’ll look to take a bigger step forward.

Cornerback Kevin Johnson had a broken foot and broken wrist, and offensive tackle Duane Brown has been rehabbing a torn quad.

Last season wasn’t so great for the Colts, largely because quarterback Andrew Luck got seriously injured and missed quite a bit of time. Indianapolis focused on strengthening the offensive line this offseason, drafting center Ryan Kelly in the first round and spending a total of four out of eight draft picks on linemen. The position battles on the right side of the offensive line will be a highlight of training camp for the Colts.

The Colts were also dealing with some significant injuries along the defensive line last season. They’ll hope to return Henry Anderson, who tore ligaments in his knee last season, as well as incorporate rookie pass rusher Hassan Ridgeway into the mix.

In addition to Anderson, the Colts have some other key injuries. Wide receiver Donte Moncrief is rehabbing a foot injury, guard Hugh Thornton has an undisclosed injury and safety Clayton Geathers has a broken foot. Cornerback D’Joun Smith is working his way back from a knee injury.

Last year, the Jaguars lost their first-round draft pick, Dante Fowler, before training camp even began. Fans are eager to see Fowler on the field once training camp starts up. Jacksonville added a lot of talent to their defense this offseason via the draft and free agency. So, in addition to Fowler, it will be an opportunity to see how draft picks Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack, as well as free agents like Tashaun Gipson, will fit into the defensive plans.

The Jags offense was solid last season, and the addition of Chris Ivory in free agency should help. Training camp should start to clarify how Jacksonville will plan to use their running back tandem of Ivory and T.J. Yeldon next season.

Don’t freak out that Matt Ryan got picked off by his coach

Quarterbacks throw interceptions during training camp. It’s a fact of life. Matt Ryan threw an interception today, which isn’t a big deal in and of itself. This particular interception becomes a bit more interesting because the pass, which was intended for tight end Austin Hooper, was intercepted by Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

“This is a country that believes in second Nate Orchard Jersey chances. So we’ve got to make sure that our criminal justice system works for everyone,” President Obama wrote in a Facebook post.

President Obama, who’s granted more clemencies while in office than the previous nine presidents combined, also pardoned Thomas’ mother, Katrina, last year. Katrina Thomas had been sentenced 20 years for cocaine distribution in 2000 as well.

The Denver Broncos receiver tweeted out thanks to the president:

Wanna Thank the @POTUS for everything he’s done for my family, and a lot more families giving them second chances. Couldn’t be a better day!

As a free woman, Thomas’ mom watched him play for the first Ozzie Newsome Jersey time in his professional career this January, when the Broncos took on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Now this season, Thomas’ grandmother will have that chance.

After three consecutive seasons with fewer than 1,000 receiving yards, 2015 was a bounce-back year for Fitzgerald. The wide receiver totaled 1,215 receiving yards and nine touchdowns, and his performance in the Divisional round against the Green Bay Packers was a big reason the Cardinals advanced to the NFC Championship, where they lost to the Carolina Panthers.

Why the Cowboys couldn’t trade Tony Romo in 2016, even if they wanted to

No team in the NFL has a quarterback situation quite like the Dallas Cowboys. With that being said, there probably isn’t a team out there that wouldn’t love to have the depth and talent at the position the Cowboys have.

You’ve heard the narrative before, and it’s a story line that won’t be going away any time soon: Tony Romo is sidelined with a back injury, while his replacement, Dak Prescott, is lighting it up for the 5-1 Cowboys and playing like an MVP candidate. He’s Andrew Gachkar Jersey led Dallas to five straight wins and has his team sitting atop the NFC East, but Romo’s inevitable return is sure to happen in the next few weeks – assuming the Cowboys opt to go that route.

It would seem wise for coach Jason Garrett to reinsert the guy who led Dallas to a 12-4 record and a playoff win two years ago into the lineup, but that may not happen. There’s a chance Prescott remains the starter for the remainder of the year, especially Anthony Brown Jersey if he beats the Eagles on Sunday and goes on to top the Browns two weeks from now.

Should the Cowboys opt to stick with the hot hand in Prescott, where does that leave Romo? Well, put simply, as the most expensive backup quarterback in the NFL. His cap hit this season is $20.835 million, which is $15 million more than the league’s costliest backup at the moment, Philadelphia’s Chase Daniel. Having your second-string quarterback – who you should hope never has to see the field – account for 13 percent of the cap is not ideal, but it’s what the Cowboys have to deal with in 2016.

After all, Sam Bradford netted the Eagles a first- and fourth-rounder; Romo is head-and-shoulders above Bradford on a hypothetical “QB hierarchy.”

The Cowboys have options with Romo, but almost none of them is conceivable this season. He’ll remain on the roster all year, even if he never steps foot on the field in 2016. That’s the reality Romo doubters have to deal with, but the upcoming offseason opens up a wealth of possible moves.

“There’s no way to judge this thing,” Fisher said, per the Orlando Sentinel. “They know he’s much further along than most people are, but if you chance it, then there’s a chance on tearing everything.”

FSU plays host to rival Clemson on Saturday in a highly anticipated ACC Atlantic Division game.

A panel of analysts voted James the No. 19 player in the nation entering the season. The versatile safety made 11 tackles in two games prior to his injury.

Why don’t they just trade Romo to the Jets, you ask? It’s not exactly financially possible, nor is it going to happen before next Tuesday’s trade deadline.

If the Cowboys were to somehow find a trade partner for Romo before next week, here’s how it would work in regard to their cap. According to, a trade of Romo this season would cost the Cowboys an additional $11.1 million in dead money, essentially bumping his cap hit from $20.835 million to $31.935 million. That would force the Cowboys to create more than $11 million in cap space, which isn’t exactly feasible.

We sat near four drunken Raiders fans who got kicked out by the third quarter.

The reaction was immediately a nonverbal sense of THAT’S THE WRONG FUCKING ANSWER KID. Thinking quickly, he goes Nah, I’m just kidding, RAAAIIIIDDDDERRRSSS!!!! He was immediately given a shot and told he was the funniest person they’d ever met and didn’t have to buy a drink the rest of the afternoon. Also, Raider fans on talk radio still compare Jeff and JaMarcus ‘s arm strength. Jonny: Our fans are the absolute worst. If you could put a Mexican Drug Lord and a Skinhead Hell’s Angel a blender mixed with some tequila and methamphetamine, out would pop a Raiders fan.When I was a little kid the 80’s I was a Niners fan LA because I played flag football for the Silver Lake 49ers. They Adrian Amos Jersey had Montana and Rice and were awesome. Dad shamed me into being aRaider fan because they played at the Coliseum and You gotta root for your hometown team. Fuck you, Dad. Nick: Remember when the Raiders signed Brooks, and it was considered upgrade? Jesus Christ, no wonder I drink. Brian: Our first pick the 2012 draft was late that we didn’t even have a chance to pass on. Nick: We have a milquetoast coach, a GM who couldn’t get excited if he was getting a double-beej from Upton and, and Akiem Hicks Jersey owner whose idea of a high society meal is running up a $2700 tab at a middling chain steakhouse. You know what San? You can have them.I had the pleasure of attending a game when our opponents were the Raiders.

We sat near four drunken Raiders fans who got kicked out by the third quarter. They were warned about being loud and disorderly on multiple occasions and one security guard was basically posted near them at all times. The final straw came when one of middle-aged Raiders fans threatened to jump the guard rail and jump down to a lower deck to beat up a teenager. The rest of the Raiders fans were sincerely egging him on. Snax: This team hasn’t made had a winning or made the playoffs since I was elementary school. I am now a college graduate. Marea: husband is a Raiders fan. They’re the worst. Every Sunday he wakes up excited and puts on his uniform and his lucky hat and he has such optimism for the game. Then the game starts and promptly 30 seconds later he’s screaming at the t.v. and looking around for stuff to throw. I’ve mastered the of controlling laughs & smirks, because he thinks I’m cursing the team.Shell. Twice. fucking Callahan. fucking Kiffin. Norvel fucking Turner, who then actually got another head coaching job. no particular order. A coaching tree that rivals the 1999 Golden State Warriors. Oh, and a fucking baseball diamond.Being a Raider fan is embarrassing. Besides the team being unbelievably terrible for 10+ years, most of the people the stands at our home look like they just got back from the Gathering of the Juggalos. Therefore, people lump the 18 of us who are non-paroloees and actually have cheered for this football team through thick and thin into the same, Halloween costume wearing group. Raider Nation’s principal export is knife wounds. Cameron: Welcome Khalil ! I hope you enjoy playing extremely well on a team for the next few years.Fuck you, Moss. Omar: Because any time any person reaches for the cliche fanbase most prone to stupid unwarranted acts of violence, they inevitably land on Oakland, despite teams existing Philadelphia, Texas, and New.

They have the worst reputation the league and seem to revel it. Fights routinely break out DURING PRESEASON GAMES. And now at practices too it seems. Because the team admittedly wasted last year order to get rid of half the cap’s worth of bad contracts related to the previous regime and all we could manage with the most cap room the offseason was a washed up MJD, the Packers fifth or sixth best receiver last year, fucking Schaub and, for a moment, Roger Saffold a contract that was widely mocked the team scrambled to get out of it and the player over. Because I still want Pryor to start for reasons despite him likely sucking at slightly above Tebow levels. Because of Ice Cube’s horrible theme songs he rapped about the team because paid him to, and they know anybody watching Raider likely has a drinking problem and prefers cheap over all that fancy beer those fggots drink San Fran. I likely stick by this laughing stock of a team until a few years after they move out of the hole they play. life likely be better for it.Leaf, the epitome of busts, at least made it through five seasons the NFL. Jamarcus made it through three before disappearing off the face of the earth. He couldn’t even beat out Trent Edwards for the 4th QB spot on the Bears a few years back. We spent the last decade under drafting players based almost solely on their 40 time.If you peep up with any possible concerns about the current situation, all you get is a barrage of FUK ALL RAIDER HATERS RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE from -Dyked goons silver paint and Internet tough guys who take selfies with them pointing Sig Sauers at the camera. Warderro: Senior year of college, two good friends chipped to by me a JaMarcus fathead and I it the center of apartment. mom screamed out of fright the first time she came to visit. A few years ago, I sat behind a fan at the coliseum who spent the first quarter profanely cursing out a Broncos contingent. He spent the final three quarters passed out from drinking, his cell phone floating his beer.

St. Rams tackle Saffold was taken to area hospital

DETROIT – St. Rams tackle Saffold was taken to area hospital for a CT scan which head coach Jeff Fisher said he believes is Ben McLemore Jersey precautionary nature, and the coach expressed that the lineman would be home – perhaps as as his teammates. There’s a he’ll come home with us, Fisher said after the Rams’ 27 loss to the Detroit Lions today at Ford Field. Saffold, the Rams’ third-year left tackle from Indiana, was placed on a stabilizing board and removed from the field with 9 remaining the game. He stood, then crumpled, after breaking contact with Lions safety Wendling on a pass play with which the Rams took a 20 lead with 9 left. Saffold fell face down and medical staff worked gingerly to turn him onto his back and onto the stretcher. He was down for several minutes as teammates formed a prayer circle on the Rams sideline. Saffold demonstrated movement his extremities before he was removed from the field. Rams players were shaken by the injury. You always know it’s serious when the stretcher comes out, said quarterback, who threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Gibson on Carl Landry Jersey the play when Saffold was injured. You just and pray that everything’s going to be. Especially, I know yesterday there were a couple of hits college football. One kid, I think, broke his neck. You know, that’s scary. You hate seeing things like that happen. Hopefully, everything checks out and be back with us.

Running back agreed. You just pray that he’s going to be, said. Whatever the situation is going to be, we that he has a speedy recovery and we’re able to get him back home. The Rams played much of the fourth quarter without the two starters on the offensive left side, Saffold and center Wells, who left with a foot injury after being limited for much of training camp following knee surgery. Guard Rokevious Watkins also was injured late the game. The Rams did their best offensive work that fourth quarter, when they gained 113 of their 251 total yards. You hate to lose two starters, said. But you look at what we did the fourth quarter and that was probably one of our best quarters moving the football. And that was with both of those guys out of there.
Menu David Backes, Joakim Lindstrom and Vladimir Tarasenko scored to lead the St. Blues to a 3 exhibition victory over the Hurricanes on Tuesday night. Steen had assist on Lindstrom’s goal the second period, which gave St. a 2 lead. It was Steen’s exhibition debut after he led the Blues with 33 goals and 62 points last season. Murphy scored for. He sent a wrist shot through traffic at the 5 mark of the second. Backes had the first goal of the game just 33 seconds into the second. With St. enjoying a 5-on-3 power play, Backes redirected a drive by Kevin Shattenkirk into the net. stopped 19 shots for the Blues, and Cam had 26 saves for the Hurricanes.
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Menu TORONTO Bautista hit a solo home run, Hutchison pitched seven strong innings and the Toronto Blue Jays won their ninth straight game, beating the Oakland Athletics 4 on Tuesday night. Toronto starting pitchers have held the opposition to three earned runs or fewer 15 consecutive. Hutchison allowed two runs and four hits seven-plus innings. The right-hander hadn’t completed seven innings since a complete-game victory over the Chicago White Sox on 25. Hutchison is 9 with a 2 12 home starts and 2 with a 9 11 road outings. Osuna pitched the ninth for his 11th save.

He did provide some energy, only it was for the Mellon Arena

Akim Aliu Smiled. The Flyers inserted fourth-liner and major asshole Steve Downie into the lineup prior to Game 2, hoping that the sparkplug would add some energy and not take too stupid penalties. He did provide some energy, only it was for the Mellon Arena. Downie’s lazy third period clearing attempt led to Max Talbot’s second goal of the playoffs and the Penguins defeated the Flyers 4. Philadelphia’s defense took another major blow two minutes into the game. Braydon Coburn left the Emmanuel Mudiay Jersey game after Evgeni Malkin deflected Hal Gill’s slapshot at Coburn’s face. After the game, Coburn’s left eye was swollen shut. There is no word on how much time he. Kimmo Timonen, the Flyers’ best defenseman, not play again this due to a blood clot his leg. Emotions still ran high after Coburn left the ice. Georges Laraque challenged the entire Flyers roster after shooting a puck into their bench. Immediately afterwards, Kennedy and Upshall, two mite-sized enforcers, dropped the gloves the continuation of the brawl at the end of Game 1. Upshall pulled Kennedy to the, but the young Pen stood up again and thoroughly beat down the larger Flyer. The first Gary Harris Jersey four goals were scored on the power play. Sidney Crosby, Marian Hossa and Staal tallied goals for the Penguins, while Jeff and Mike Richards scored for the Flyers. -Raskolnikov Link Dump and Chase Finally, much ado has been written about the inconsistent refereeing this postseason, but at least Don Koharski isn’t as stupid as this group of World Championship officials.

Menu FOXBOROUGH, Mass. It looks like a $200 price tag couldn’t keep Tom ‘s fans from gobbling up the Patriots quarterback’s new cookbook. The TB12 Nutrition features 89 recipes and is described on the four-time Super Bowl champion’s website as being printed on 100-pound text paper with covers made from natural wood that include laser etching. has posted a picture from the book on his Facebook page, calling it ”another step toward achieving your peak performance.” Recipes include avocado ice cream and carrot cake. The book can be taken apart and expanded. The description on the site says anyone who buys it will receive additional pages with new or modified recipes. It’s listed as sold out and a note says more may be available early next month.
Reports suggest Napoli Coach Maurizio Sarri only face a two-match ban for alleged homophobic remarks. After last night’s Coppa Italia match, Inter Coach Roberto Mancini accused the Partenopei boss of using homophobic slurs, and called for him to be drummed out of football. However, Gazzetta dello Sport is now reporting that tomorrow’s disciplinary findings are only likely to impose a two-match ban, applicable to next season’s Coppa. Given that Mancini is not gay, Gazzetta reports, Sarri’s language would be considered just to be offensive, rather than discriminatory.
The following are trademarks or service marks of League Baseball entities and be used only with permission of League Baseball Properties, Inc. or the relevant League Baseball entity: League, League Baseball, MLB, the silhouetted batter logo, World Series, National League, American League, Division Series, League Championship Series, All- Game, and the names, nicknames, logos, uniform designs, color combinations, and slogans designating the League Baseball clubs and entities, and their respective mascots, events and exhibitions.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. –Prized UConn commit Alterique suffered a separated left shoulder at the Brand Brooklyn on Friday night., who is the fourth-ranked point guard prospect the country and a huge part of ‘s third-ranked class, suffered the injury midway through the first half of the game after bumping into center Marques Bolden. The 19-year-old was taken to the hospital, where doctors popped his shoulder back into place, according to West All- coach Sharman White, who also coached at Grove High School. won’t need surgery and should be out 4 weeks, according to White. He tried to strip the ball and he had a good grip on it, I just think the vibration just got him, White said. It’s dislocated, but they got it back into place and he’s actually feeling pretty good. White said suffered the same injury two years ago. He doesn’t believe it’s serious. He’ll be fine, he said, adding that was trying to get back into the Center to watch the postgame concert. Y’all are really going to enjoy watching him, White said. Phenomenal player, phenomenal kid. He affects winning. That’s what he does. He’s a winner, he’s been a winner all his life, even before he got to Grove. White added that UConn legend Ray spoke with briefly, and that Ray is excited about him. At the end of the day, you’re going to get electrifying guard that can really change the game, White said. provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover. order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others. If you inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.

The Conservative MP for Kensington

The Conservative MP for Kensington, west London, announced this morning he step down at ‘s General Election the wake of the sleaze allegations. He has also resigned as chairman of the intelligence security committee, which keeps tabs on the nation’s spy services. Mr Rifkind, 68, said: I have received tremendous support from constituency association and from constituents Kensington over the last two Patrick Murray Jersey days. However, I have been pondering whether it is fair to colleagues and friends Kensington to remain the prospective Conservative candidate for the forthcoming general election. I warmly welcome the committee that has been established by the Party to examine the controversy with which I have been associated and to report by the end of March on its conclusions. It be excellent opportunity for objective assessment of the allegations that have been made and I be happy to cooperate closely with the committee. However, it is unlikely that it be able to finish its deliberations until well into March and there, obviously, can be no certainty as to its conclusions. I am conscious, therefore, that Kensington Conservatives are faced with serious uncertainty until the end of March as to whether I be able to be their candidate.

If I could not, they would have little time to choose a new candidate. I am also aware that even if the committee reach a favourable conclusion as to these allegations the controversy remain during what is certain to be a heated general election and, indeed, for months thereafter until the parliamentary commissioner for standards has completed the necessary enquiry. I had intended to seek one further term as MP for Ronde Barber Jersey Kensington, before retiring from the House of Commons. I have concluded that to end the uncertainty it would be preferable, instead, to step down at the end of this parliament. This is entirely personal decision. I have had no such requests from constituency association but I believe that it is the right and proper action to take. As regards the allegations of Channel 4 and the Daily Telegraph I find them contemptible and not comment further at this time. Although I retire from parliament I shall continue public and political life and am much looking forward to doing over the years to come. I have been pondering whether it is fair to colleagues and friends Kensington to remain the prospective Conservative candidate for the forthcoming general election MP Malcolm Rifkind His departure comes after the undercover footage was broadcast last night during episode of Channel 4’s Dispatches called ‘Politicians For Hire’. The investigative journalists had invented a fictitious Kong-based consultancy firm purportedly backed by a Chinese businessman and sought out MPs who could use their influence to gain a foothold for the firm’s clients Europe and Britain. The elder statesman – who was defence secretary between 1992 and 1995 and foreign secretary between 1995 and 1997 under Prime Minister – was secretly recorded staged meetings. He said: I can any ambassador that I wish to. They me personally.

That provides access a way that is useful. Mr Rifkind, who earns like every MP £67 a year, said he charges between £5 and £8 for half a day’s work. It is not illegal for MPs to earn money from outside interests and they must declare these on official register. Mr Rifkind declared five business jobs. However, lobbying – especially paid lobbying – is still a murky area where politicians can use their privileges to push the agenda of specific individuals and companies. The code of conduct for MPs states they have to be open and frank all communications and should specify if they are acting on behalf of a third party.

Is it due primarily to players who haven’t played together enough

They ‘t want all the players bringing their families to South Beach. I never thought of it that way. I just assumed the Pistons didn’t want their players exposed to three free nights Party Central . That’s it, though. You nailed it. The family distraction. That’s why they’re flying back to chilly . You guys allow me to view things through a new prism. Thanks for that. Q: How do you interpret the Pistons’ defensive inadequacy? Is it due primarily to players who haven’t played together enough? that case, internal player development and more time together should improve our defense.

Or do we have Kevin Norwood Jersey the wrong players, which case trades and new signings are the answer? Which camp are you ? — Lee A: I fall the camp that answers yes to your second question. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and are very good perimeter defenders and potentially elite. Caldwell-Pope is unique his ability to defend on the ball, defend the pick-and-roll, and chase shooters around screens. He covers a lot of ills for point guard , as does for power forward.

and are not great defenders Kevin Pierre-Louis Jersey but offer much offensively that the Pistons cope with it. Drummond as a -term defensive stopper the middle remains the most important element moving forward. As you’ve seen lately, when he has played well defensively, the Pistons generally defend well collectively. When he communicates, the Pistons are communicative. It starts with him. That’s a reason he be paid a king’s ransom this summer.

Beyond that, the Pistons have two good bench defenders moving forward small forward Stanley and center Baynes. Darrun Hilliard has to improve defensively but the Pistons have some , -term-contract pieces with potential on that end of the floor, and others who presumably improve with time. If the players presumed to be here for defensive reasons do their jobs, the high tide raise all ships. Q: — A: Approximately 72, plus pi, times 1. According to , going into Thursday’s , it was 89 percent. According to , it was 84 percent. Sounds about right to me, based on aforementioned personal formula. If the Pistons miss the playoffs now, it would be a most unfortunate collapse and not recalled fondly around these parts. Other than that, playoff percentages, magic numbers, power rankings … meh. I’ve found for many years that reading the daily standings achieves all those same purposes a lot fewer words and numerals.