Stockton Malone Shorts has the perfect name for a basketball player in Utah

Last year doesn’t really matter, though, because Stehling’s gone. In his stead comes a battle royale. Three other QBs (sophomores Jackson Tyner and J.T. Granato and senior Nate German, who is more WR than QB at this point) threw passes last year, and a couple of three-star youngsters (redshirt Sam Glaesmann and incoming signee Miklo Smalls) could enter the mix.

Actually, all five were three-star recruits; Bailiff’s reputation has allowed him to ink some intriguing quarterback talent. But someone will need to seize the job, and you never know how that will go.

I guess you could consider Tyner the favorite; when Stehling got hurt against UTEP, Tyner lost an early fumble but then led the Owls to 34 straight points. (He had a miserable outing against Stanford in the season finale, but Stanford’s not in Conference USA.)

Naming a child is normally a difficult task. You¡¯re picking a name they will probably use for the rest of their life. For the basketball-loving Shorts family in Utah there was only one name that perfectly epitomized all their ideals. Meet …

Game Kids Willie Snead Jersey Stockton Shorts doesn¡¯t just have an excellent basketball name, the kid can straight up ball. The senior shooting guard is averaging 24.2 points per game, and over six rebounds. On Monday night, he led Copper Hills High School to a 62-41 win that propelled them into the playoffs.

A. J. Cann Jersey It¡¯s important to appreciate his accomplishments, because Shorts is one heck of a player in his own right ¡ª but you¡¯ve got to love that name. It¡¯s peak Utah basketball. The only way Stockton Malone Shorts could be more a part of the state¡¯s basketball legacy would be to throw ¡°Jimmer¡± in there somewhere.

‘Sunday Night Football’ 2014 live stream: How to watch Saints vs. Cowboys

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Two of the league’s most prolific quarterbacks meet in Arlington Sunday night for what promises to be a pass-happy affair. The 1-2 New Orleans Saints (1-2) can’t afford to let another winnable game slide while the Dallas Cowboys (2-1) are off to a 2-1 start and look to keep pace with the NFC East-leading Philadelphia Eagles.

The Saints entered 2014 as a trendy Super Bowl pick, but faltered through their first two games due to their lackluster defense. While they performed well last week in a win over the Vikings, New Orleans has yet to win outside the Super Dome.

Without Gronkowski at full-speed, the Patriots have to rely on Julian Edelman to move the chains. Edelman has been the only reliable receiver for Brady this season, catching 22 passes for 260 yards. The defense has kept New England afloat and the Patriots have the No. 1 pass defense in the NFL.

A major matchup in this game will be Tamba Hali and Justin Houston against the Patriots offensive line. New England has been a mess up front since dealing Logan Mankins to the Buccaneers this preseason. Kansas City has nine sacks on the season, led by Hali, Houston and nose tackle Dontari Poe. Rookie Dee Ford is also being rotated in and showed promise last week against Miami.
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Despite the apparent home-field advantage, the Chiefs have struggled at home since the second half of last season, losing their last four games at Arrowhead. The Patriots haven’t had much success on the road recently, either, going 3-5 in their last eight games away from Gillette Stadium.

The Patriots are favored by 3 points over the host Chiefs with the over/under at 44.5, according to OddsShark. The Patriots are 2-6 ATS in their last eight games as road favorites, but don’t put all your money on the Chiefs, who are 0-5 ATS in their last 5 games at home.

The prospects also meet with GMs and coaches for interviews.

There are certainly real changes in ability in there in terms of injuries, but they’re hard to detect from the chart, which looks a lot like a random walk. In other words: Streaks happen.

Authentic Womens Kenny Stabler Jersey “I’ve seen on previous chats you discuss ways of discouraging tanking, but have never seen you discuss this solution: Rather than have teams play for their own draft pick, they play for another team.

Some of the most important parts of the combine aren’t actually broadcast on television. All prospects go through a rigorous medical check that can potentially expose injury issues and risk for a particular player. Some prospects receive multiple looks from the medical staff, much to the chagrin of their agents.

The prospects also meet with GMs and coaches for interviews. In many cases, this is not their first encounter with a particular team. However, these interviews usually have far more people in the room and can lead to some rather odd and uncomfortable situations.

Authentic Womens Iman Shumpert Jersey On Saturday, the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers will work out.

It’s a big decision for a player with a checkered history to say the least. Clearly the Kings decided they weren’t willing to make the commitment. The irony is this rule was created to keep stars stay put with their teams. But its first application squeezed a team into trading a franchise player.

He’s the most volatile player on the NBA’s most dysfunctional team. But is DeMarcus Cousins undoing Sacramento, or is Sacramento undoing Cousins?
Why did the Kings do this trade now?

The new CBA changed things and created a new and accelerated timeline for the Kings. There’s now a rule that allows players to extend their contracts up to five years one year before they become free agents. Cousins is one of those players. So while he is not a free agent until 2018, the Kings suddenly had a massive free agent decision coming this July.

Tom Brady begins his own jersey investigation

Tom Brady cares a lot less about the whereabouts of his missing Super Bowl jersey than initially believed.

The Patriots quarterback — whose stolen uniform top was recently valued by authorities at $500,000 — took to Instagram on Wednesday to display a list of possible suspects in the case.

They didn’t get many last season, when Gurley was held to 3.2 (!) yards per carry while trapped on the worst offense in the NFL. We’ll have to wait until September to see if Gurley can recapture the spark from his fine rookie campaign, but for now let’s watch Gurley end some poor dude at a 24-Hour Fitness center with a devastating crossover.

Way to go, Todd. And rest in peace, Other Guy.

Mario Williams, defensive end, Miami Dolphins

Williams went from major free agent addition in Buffalo to afterthought in Miami in five years, and just one season with the Dolphins. The defensive end who departed Buffalo on terms that weren’t the best was also called out by defensive coordinator Vance Joseph for needing to work harder, and at 32 years old, will be looking to latch on via a one-year deal with a team in need of a veteran pass rusher.

Cutler will resurface somewhere. He will probably be a Week 1 starter. And that team will have a veteran quarterback in fair condition with a solid skill set and enough baggage to fill the entire overhead compartment of the team charter. If this doesn’t appeal to you, look elsewhere — perhaps you can be lucky enough to still get in on The Josh McCown Sweepstakes.

But count me in the group that still finds Cutler to be a perversely compelling option. He’s like a bad TV show that I can’t bring myself to remove from the DVR. I would not mind hate-watching Jay Cutler in 2017. It’s better than whatever else is on.

It¡¯s unclear if the Bulls can get equal or greater value back, and they know that.

Despite Butler¡¯s success, Chicago is still a game below .500, falling short of the expectations set when the team acquired Dwyane Wade during free agency. The East¡¯s weak bottom half ¡ª or bottom two-thirds ¡ª affords the Bulls some wiggle room.

Kids Dennis Pitta Jersey Chicago (28-29) is seventh in the conference and on pace to sneak into the postseason. But the Bulls have yet to turn the keys over to their star forward.

Management has not publicly lauded Butler as its franchise player and has attempted to deal him in the past. It was just during the summer the team dangled him in front of Boston in an attempt to pry away its attractive trade assets. During the 2016 draft, Chicago nearly traded Butler to Minnesota and Boston.

Butler is also in line to command a designated player exception contract in excess of $200 million over five years if he makes an All-NBA team between now and when his current contract expires in 2020. That is a wad of cash to spend on a player the team doesn¡¯t view as the franchise¡¯s building block.

Kids Connor Barwin Jersey After watching the Kings send Cousins to New Orleans for pennies on the dollar, the trade market is in shock. Chicago can¡¯t rush into a deal merely because Thursday¡¯s trade deadline draws closer.

One of the league¡¯s top perimeter players, Butler¡¯s unrelenting work ethic has only begun to pay off. The last first-round pick of the 2011 draft, his game has improved every season, culminating with a polished offensive game as Chicago¡¯s de facto offensive leader.

It¡¯s unclear if the Bulls can get equal or greater value back, and they know that.

Marlins face tough takeaways after losing Jose Fernandez

Don Mattingly has four sons. The youngest, Louis, is a toddler. The oldest, Taylor, is 31. And beyond that quartet, Mattingly is also helping raise two teenage stepsons with his second wife, Lori.

Mattingly has always treated fatherhood as a full-time job, even going so far as to cut short his career as captain of the New York Yankees in part to be around his boys during the trials of adolescence. It doesn’t get any easier as they grow up.

As the manager of the Miami Marlins, Mattingly now has 63 men entrusted to his care this spring and, if they make the big league club, throughout the summer.

When they all gather together Friday for the first full-squad workout, he said, he’ll deliver a message he has been waiting months to impart.

“You want them to realize we’re not bulletproof,” Mattingly said.
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Don Mattingly’s experiences as a manager, player and father might all have a role in helping him talk to his Marlins about a season without Jose Fernandez.

No manager has made the playoffs more often than Dusty Baker — who has been there eight times — and not won the World Series.

Womens Christian Kirksey Jersey Think about Baker’s baseball life. When he made his major league debut, the opposing manager was Harry Walker, a member of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1947 when the team reportedly threatened to strike rather than play against Jackie Robinson. A teammate in his first game was Terry Francona’s father. He was on deck when Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run and played with Fernando Valenzuela during that magical year of 1981 for the Dodgers, and he managed Barry Bonds. If he wins the World Series, it just might get him elected to the Hall of Fame.

I love the option offense and wish more people would run it

Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants defensive end

In a perfect world, the Giants would sign Pierre-Paul to a long-term deal and maintain one of the league’s best defenses.

Unfortunately for New York, things are more complicated than that. Both JPP and breakout defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins are hitting free agency, and the Giants — who don’t have a ton of remaining cap space after spending big last offseason — will likely lose one or both of the two talented defensive linemen this summer.

So the question must be asked: who do the Giants value more? Hankins, the young, talented defensive tackle? Or Pierre-Paul, a talented (albeit 28-year-old) edge rusher whose hand will never have the full functionality it once had before his fireworks accident? Look for the Giants to tag Pierre-Paul if a long-term deal doesn’t get done.

I love the option offense and wish more people would run it. I love the unabashed, heavyweight-in-a-welterweight’s-body confidence that emits from the fanbase. I love the century’s worth of history the Eagles have packed into less than four decades. I love that Russell really existed when, on paper, it seems like he had too much personality for a fictional character. This program is high on my own personal “This is what makes college football, college football” list.

It was frustrating, then, watching the Eagles lose their way. It wasn’t that they faltered — that happens to a lot of teams — but they faltered in a way that seemed both existential and preventable.

From an S&P+ standpoint, a bowl is feasible. There are three likely losses (at Auburn, at Indiana, at Appalachian State) but S&P+ says there are four virtual tossups (at UMass, Arkansas State, at Coastal Carolina, at UL-Lafayette) and four in which Southern has at least a 61 percent chance of winning (New Hampshire, Georgia State, NMSU, South Alabama).

The Giants don’t have much depth at receiver behind Odell Beckham Jr. and Shepard

Work out an extension for Jason Witten. The Cowboys are at the end of a lengthy extension with Witten, who has a good amount of leverage because he’s entering the final year of his deal and due a cap hit of $12.3 million, the largest figure due any tight end in the league by a margin of nearly $2 million. Dallas could choose instead to pay $4.9 million in dead money by releasing him, but backup Gavin Escobar is a free agent, and Witten was still productive at age 34.

Instead, the Cowboys probably will want to extend their relationship with Witten for a couple of more seasons. It would make sense for Dallas to tack on a couple of years to Witten’s deal in the range of $5 million to $6 million per year. The Cowboys can free up another $6 million or so by extending Witten’s deal.

“They talked to Art,” Shanahan said. “And I was like, ‘Does he have it?’ He goes, ‘I don’t know.’ I’m like ‘you just talked to him for 30 seconds, what do you mean you don’t know?’ [He said] ‘I don’t know. He’s coming down here, though.'”

Elite Mens Rene Robert Jersey So Shanahan sat down and waited 30 minutes for Spander to return with his backpack. He missed the team bus while waiting.

“Finally he came, he was wearing the backpack,” Shanahan said. “But he still didn’t know it was mine. I tried to grab it from him and he shook me off. And then eventually he realized it and then he was awesome. Just a mistaken backpack.”

Elite Mens Michael Bennett Jersey Shanahan said the backpacks were placed in a dark area so it was understandable that his black backpack could be mistaken for Spander’s blue one. He also acknowledged that he has a knack for misplacing things.

It’s possible that the Giants bring back Cruz on a smaller contract — he’s still capable of big plays here and there and is a respected locker room presence. The Giants don’t have much depth at receiver behind Odell Beckham Jr. and Shepard, so the position will be a need this offseason. Cruz isn’t the dynamic playmaker he once was, but he could have some value in the free agent market as a veteran presence.

Blackhawks prospect rankings 2017: Alex DeBrincat leads midseason update

Now that we¡¯re roughly midway through the 2016-17 season, it¡¯s a good time to check in on the Blackhawks¡¯ best prospects. The group has been having a fairly solid year, with some guys putting up big numbers and others getting invites to the World Junior Championships.

We¡¯ve also seen firsthand how important a pipeline of young talent can be to a team¡¯s success. This season, the Blackhawks have turned to rookies like Vinnie Hinostroza, Ryan Hartman, and Nick Schmaltz, who were all members of this list a year ago. Good, affordable talent is crucial to any team, and the Hawks have found some success there.

Evan Mathis Womens Jersey One result of those graduations is a less impressive top of the list than before. The Blackhawks didn¡¯t place any prospects on Corey Pronman¡¯s recently updated Top 50 prospect rankings for ESPN, and only one, Alex DeBrincat, even received honorable mention. That¡¯s a signal of the lack of future superstars in the system, unless DeBrincat can overcome his size disadvantage and translate his prodigious scoring pace to the NHL.

I don¡¯t want this team to tank. I also don¡¯t think coach Jon Cooper and general manager Steve Yzerman will allow this team to tank. It¡¯s just that I¡¯m not going to throw my laptop through my TV when they lose back-to-back games against Dallas and Colorado next month.

There is something off with this team this year. Whether it¡¯s the injury to Stamkos, the vast number of players who played in the World Cup, Ben Bishop struggling with his upcoming free agency, or just a general weariness after two long playoff runs, this team just doesn¡¯t have the spark we¡¯re used to seeing. Honestly, I just don¡¯t think we¡¯re going to see it this season.

Game Colin Wilson Jersey I would not EVER actively root for the team to lose, but at the same time I won¡¯t rend any clothing or gnash any teeth when they come up short. It¡¯s not the end of the world if they lose. It¡¯s just the eventual end of this year¡¯s playoff hopes ¡ª and the start of next year¡¯s playoff hopes!

Dak Prescott makes sure to share moment with Ezekiel Elliott

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Dak Prescott understands moments, on and off the field.

Named the Associated Press’ Offensive Rookie of the Year on Saturday, he made sure his Dallas Cowboys teammate, Ezekiel Elliott, went to the stage with him to accept the award and offered to split the trophy with Elliott, who led the NFL in rushing with 1,631 yards.

“He deserves it as much as I do,” Prescott said. “His yards, his catches. The way we handled everything in the backfield it was always together. The defense had to hone in on us to stop the run game, which made my job easier. Without Zeke, I doubt I win it.”

Alex Tanguay Youth Jersey Prescott’s rise from fourth-round pick to Pro Bowler to now the Cowboys’ first offensive rookie of the year since Emmitt Smith could not be foreseen.

He tied an NFL record for a rookie quarterback with 13 wins, including 11 straight, which is a Cowboys record. He had 23 touchdown passes and only four interceptions while also setting a team record for a quarterback with six rushing touchdowns.

But what caught the attention of most of teammates, coaches and front-office personnel was his poise and composure and always saying and doing the right thing.

Saturday’s moment with Elliott was just another example.

“They’re special guys, they really are,” coach Jason Garrett said. “You’ve heard me say this before, it’s hard to transition to college football to pro football and both those guys did such an amazing job and handled so many different things really, really well. Obviously their play in the games at a high level consistently through the year but so many more things. What they brought to our team, the energy, the competitive spirit, it was real infectious. I think they learned a lot from the older guys who’ve been around us and the way we do things, but they also brought something themselves. They made our team better. And I think those guys going up there together that’s a reflection of what they’re all about. They’re team guys first.”