They don’t make that move without zeroing in on Fultz

No chance on this one. The Sixers moved up to the top pick with Markelle Fultz in mind, and Fultz remains their guy.

Scout: They don’t make that move without zeroing in on Fultz. I think they want to see how Ben Simmons operates with the ball in his hands, and they can have multiple ballhandlers and playmakers out on the floor at once. But they want a scorer at the point.

Allen Robinson Limited Jersey I’m not dissing the NBA because I’m a former NFL exec. Basketball, in fact, was my favorite sport growing up. But I hate the NBA system that destroys competitive balance, which should be the backbone of any league. I like watching ultra-talented players like Durant and Curry play, but I don’t want to see this rigging of teams, which is easier to do in the NBA with smaller rosters.

Can you imagine a last-seeded team in the conference winning an NBA title, as the Steelers and Packers have done in winning Super Bowls as bottom seeds over the last 12 NFL seasons? No way that’s happening against a team as stacked as the Warriors.

The Hawks need the former. If he’s that type of player, other free agents will want to join him. Remain the turnover-happy floor general with off-court issues, and Atlanta will continue to languish and finish in the middle or lower tier of the East.

Rod Gilbert Limited Jersey Meanwhile, your new team has never been to the finals. Well, we could count those two trips when the franchise was in St. Louis. After all, the team did give 11-time champion Bill Russell one his few losses, and Bob Petit is one the all-time greats we don’t discuss nearly enough. Either way, the Hawks haven’t been to the promised land since they arrived in Atlanta in 1966.

Now, you’re tasked with finding a way to take a team past its greatest success in 2015, which ended in an embarrassing sweep to that neighborhood bully known as James and his band of Cavs. There’s only one starter left from that team in Paul Millsap, and he’s not under contract after opting declining his player option and taking the road to free agency.

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