Adjustments will make kickoffs “much more of a punt play”

Everyone else spoiled, some quickly, others gradually.

Fiedorowicz’s career, but even when healthy, one thing we always said about this offense is it could sure use a good tight end.

Fiedorowicz never quite fulfilled his pass-catching potential.

Alfred Blue and Jay Prosch have given the Texans some good clock-burning snaps late in games (where Bill O’Brien loves to go heavy personnel and pound the rock).

But both are lower-tier role players, meaning the only other pick after Fiedorowicz who truly panned out was Andre Hal, who converted from cornerback to safety a few years ago, bringing valuable flexibility to Houston’s foundational matchup zone coverages.

Hill said that he “jumped on a plane as quick as I could” when the Patriots showed interest in having him visit and that meeting the team’s coaches convinced him to sign without taking any other meetings. Hill said those coaches told him he’ll have to earn playing time in a competitive backfield.

The Bears learned how much they value Kyle Fuller when their division rival Packers tried to sign him in free agency.

Thought to be content letting Fuller walk after a great rookie season, two underwhelming seasons and then a very solid 2017 contract year, the Bears instead inked him for four years, $56 million.

Fuller is a stellar zone defender who can convert into man coverage.

The NFL seeks to reduce the space and speed of the collisions on kickoffs, which produced 71 concussions between 2015-17, according to McKay.

According to Seifert, the changes include: Coverage teams would lose the 5-yard head start they previously had; five players required to align on each side of the kicker; elimination of all wedge blocks, including two-man double teams; eight of the 11 return team members would line up within 15 yards of the restraining line, with blocking prohibited within those 15 yards; and elimination of pre-kick motion.

Onside kick rules would remain mostly the same.

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